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C-Corp? S-Corp? LLC? Weigh the pros and cons of entity selection.  We will set up your legal documents to set up your business.


Tips to avoid "piercing the corporate (or LLC) veil"

1.  Maintain all business records.

2.  Maintain minutes of meetings.

3.  Full company name, address, and phone number should appear on all documents, contracts, and company letterhead.

4.  Keep separate bank account using the company's Employee Identification Number (EIN).

5.  Avoid commingling of personal assets with company assets.

6.  Title of assets should be in the company's name.

7.  Be sure the company conducts all business in the company's name.

8.  Obtain insurance for unanticipated liabilities.

9.  Adequately capitalize company to carry on its business activities.

10.  File all required tax returns, pay all required taxes, and withhold all required taxes from employees.

11.  Avoid diversion of company funds for non company purposes.

12.  All contracts should be in the name of the company and executed with a signature block that shows your representative capacity.         Example:  ABC, LLC

                                                                                   By: _____________________







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Protect your personal assets.  Create an LLC or Subchapter S Corporation (S-Corp).

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The typical cost of a business organization setup is $1,000 including meetings, fees, and costs.

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