Joanna Smith passionately believes that most cases and disputes can be settled out of court.

Not only saving the parties money on the front end, but also creating agreements that have a higher level of commitment and compliance for the long term, which saves money for years to follow. You do not have to have an attorney to reach a settlement through the mediation process. Going through the mediation process can also provide individuals with the tools and skills needed to solve future conflicts on their own. Further, mediation is a useful tool to resolve a significant family dispute that may not be proceeding to court.

Joanna knows how to use mediation to effectively resolve disagreements in a more peaceful and affordable way in the following areas, if you are interested in an area not listed, do not hesitate to call for further inquiry:

Divorce and Separation

Child custody

Blended family



Post divorce

Parent teen

Elder care

Nursing home

Estate planning


Real estate

Landlord tenant

Mediation is held in an office in a comfortable setting. If necessary, the parties can be separated until such time they are agreeable to being in the same room. Every effort is made to schedule sessions at the convenience of everyone involved.

Although Joanna brings 18 years of litigation experience to the table, she is not a legal or marriage counseling service, nor a hybrid between the two.

Joanna will provide guidance to all parties involved in the resolution of a problem, allowing the parties to retain control over the ultimate resolution. Joanna is experienced in helping people deal with conflict. She understands the anxiety and stress that comes with disagreements and litigation. Joanna will support the problem-solving process in a productive, neutral, comfortable environment.